This blog is ran by four kickass students from CSUN. On this blog we're going to discuss the advancements in technology and how they affect everyday life.

*Amanda, Lana, Joel and Joseph*

Have No Fear

​Technology will forever be looked at pessimistically by some who feel that it does more harm than good but the negative viewpoints do not over rule the fact that technological advancements have made a world of difference in our lives. With all the things that technology does for us like allow simple and fast communication, we cannot help but be grateful for the advancements that have taken place over the years. Although some people will always feel as though “Big Brother” is watching them, I feel as though they should take it upon themselves to place less on the internet and think about the fact that they should feel safer due to the government’s use of technology. Overall, many of our wishes have become a reality with the technological advancements that have taken place and changed our ways of life for the better.


While students are currently learning with the standard materials being provided to them, the more effective and money saving option would be to invest in eBooks for all schools and classroom. Students in all grade levels have reported positive feedback on different aspects of the eBooks, whether it is providing easy accessibility, alleviating stress off a student, or physically teaching the student with auditory assistance.

Technology Takeover

Tablet computers are another great tool for our everyday lives and can definitely change the world one day. Technology is taking over our world little by little, and the tablet computer is just another gadget that doesn’t want to be left in the dust. Since we live in this world, we should be very aware of what is going on around us, especially with this technology stuff since it will be the future very soon. For now, we can just enjoy our everyday lives without having to the worry about the tablet computer takeover. (The Tablet Revolution) 

Your Choice

Technology has become a staple in everyday life, from school, to work, and will continue to expand with the growth of new advancements. While a number of classes use information from the textbook in online exams, some of the questions come from online and study guides that have already been provided for the student‘s success benefit. Regardless of what instructors do, however, students will always find a way to cheat. As the exams and work get harder, the students become more determined to find a way to lighten their stresses and get ahead in the easiest way possible. But even so, if they are not dedicated to their education, they will not do what is needed to succeed in the honest way. The students that actually do their own work will show pride in what they have accomplished and will ultimately be the ones who show interest and go on to upper division classes, where the class sizes are smaller, and the relationship between the student and instructor is more personal.  The online exams offer convenience for the student, and far too many take advantage of this privilege. Administrators and instructors must take it upon themselves to up the ante of their honor codes and consequences. Accordingly, with new technology comes many new preventative ways to keep the integrity of online courses intact. This is when students will not be able to get away with cheating.

Just an example of how technology isn’t always necessarily bad, and that there are some things that can be beneficial.

Patent war erupts over cancer gene - The Japan Times

This is an advancement in technology that could harm people by giving one company complete control over studying these genes.

Nissan is developing a car that can charge wirelessly!!!!

This is a video on the progression of information technology, and how much it has advanced over the years.